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Spending Spree

The last few weeks have been a flurry, though not in quite the direction I’d expected.  Getting a bunch of snow dumped on Columbus meant that several things got rescheduled, and life (mostly in the form of roller derby) has gotten in the way a few times.

But we did make major headway in the furnishings department.  We took one whole weekend day and went in search of mattresses, a washer and dryer, and a dishwasher.  So far, under budget, and they have all been delivered, though none are actually functional at this point. Needing to gut the kitchen means the dishwasher is in the living room; a banister needs to be removed and the basement floor levelled before the washer and dryer can be installed; and we need to decide once and for all on a bed frame before the mattresses can be moved into a horizontal and usable position.

But still, it’s progress, right?

We also made major progress in the area of furniture.  Columbus has a furniture bank (kind of like a food bank, but with furniture).  If you watched the first episode of Morgan Spurlock’s “30 Days” you might be aware of this. In any case, every year they have a benefit auction, where retailers donate their floor displays and they hold back some of the better or antique stuff, and raise some funds by auctioning it off to people like me.

This place was thick with Crate and Barrel: box lots, rugs, floor model sofas, shelves, whatever you can think of. There were also tons of bunk beds, leather sofas, a set of Hermann Miller fiberglas chairs, the most bizarre lamp I’d ever seen (featuring a sea captain and a lighthouse and topping out a bit taller than me.)

After a whole day of bidding, we emerged just at our budget (including delivery) and with quite a few goodies.  We stuck a few things in our friend Stephen’s SUV, and then the rest arrived today.

We got a decent hall bench, which luckily fits perfectly:

a rocking chair with a leather seat, and a Victorian chair covered in green velvet:

a nice little Mission-style cabinet (which I think will be used as a bar in the dining room):

and a Victorian sofa with a crazy print. I am reasuring myself that it’ll fit since it does include orange:

Yep. Gaze upon that for a second.  Purty, huh? And relatively comfortable too (I laid down on it to test once the delivery guys were gone.)

Not pictured: the spiffy trash can and rug.

To say the least, the downstairs may be a bit eclectic as we mix these auction finds in with our existing furniture. How on earth I’m going to tie that sofa in coherantly with my boxy beige loveseat is yet to be determined, but after seeing the sofa in the actual room, I do think it’s possible.


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Last Saturday before my dad left, we started ruminating on what I could do with the kitchen. After he went home, I decided it was high time to take those acoustic tiles out.

Ooops. I guess maybe there was another reason besides paneling height to drop that ceiling. We knew that there was water damage before the roof was replaced, and that in most places, the prior owners did the structural repairs but didn’t worry about the cosmetic.

Guess I found the best example of that theory of maintenance when I took the panels out.

I am please to report, that by morning, having posted this photo on facebook, I already had several suggestions for what to do, so that by the time mom and dad came in on Sunday, and we took a little trip to Lowe’s, I already had a good idea that my dreams of (faux) tin were not unachievable. So now we’ve got it all picked out.

This kitchen will not be stellar in the way the airy and open and granite islanded new builds are. But, it’s going to be pretty kickass with what we’ve picked out so far. Mostly vintage motifs (though some a bit anachronistic for the house) with light colors, simple cabinets and a new pantry cut out of that ridiculously large bathroom.

And no more acoustic tiles. And no more hole in the ceiling.

The next two weeks are going to be a spending flurry as we start ordering all the materials for the kitchen. This is scary. But fun.

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We’ve picked up the pace quite a bit in the past two weeks. We’re itching to move in, for a variety of reasons (attempted break in at our current apartment and landlord stupidity are weighing on us, but also, we’re ready to live in our own house.)

So, we’re kind of re-tooling some of our plans. I still want to have the bulk of the kitchen done before we move in, not wanting to live in a house I can’t make a meal in. So some of the other stuff, namely the rehabbing of the downstairs bathroom, will likely have to wait.

For right now, we’ve made major headway on the closet project. I am happy to report that all the drywall has been attached. I went over this evening and screwed in the remainder of the corner bead. Hooray.

In lieu of a true “after” (for now) photo, I offer you this artsy shot of my partially drywalled closet, with the convertible expandable ladder to which I have proclaimed my undying love:

Also, my mom took about 20 photos of me and the drill, so for posterity’s sake, here’s me in my remodeling jeans, which have virtually no ass in them to speak of (having fallen prey to a nail in one of the steps to the attic.)

Note also the stylish dust mask, which I very nearly went to dinner wearing on my head.

But more importantly — sunlight! The bedroom has sunlight! And is on the second floor, so we can leave the blinds open without worrying about creepers coming up and peering in. Luxury!

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