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Plans for the Kitchen

The (lack of) wisdom of moving into a house with a completely gutted kitchen is not lost on me. I know it’s nuts. But given timing with our upcoming roller derby schedule, there’s no way we can wait until closer to the date our lease is up to move. And given the problems we’ve had with the management of the apartment complex, we’re not even going to entertain the idea of trying to extend the lease. I’m trying to make myself feel better by rationalizing that if we’re living in the house, we’ll have an opportunity to work on small things throughout the week, something which has been rather difficult with two residences, disparate work schedules, and derby practices.

We’ve got quite a bit of planning done, even if this is the state of the kitchen right now:

Habitat for Humanity is coming tomorrow to pick up the cabinets and such that we ripped out. And we have most of what is going to happen planned out already.

Where the stove used to sit will be a door into a pantry, which will be built into the space which is currently the washer/dryer area in the World’s Largest Half Bathroom.  That means there won’t be that many cupboards since they are focused in the remaining corner. I’m going tomorrow to order them with this door:

Hard to see, but a nice cherry color, with a glass door above this kitchen sink:

Trendy, but traditional.

The octagon-and-dot floor tiles, we already have, and they are neatly stacked in our basement, despite the fact that it’s going to be a while before that project gets tackled:

And then there’s the ceiling, which we’ve gone back and forth on several times due to cost. But we’ve found something I think will work, and we’ll have the look of faux-tin (or really, faux-copper) and hopefully it won’t be too-too expensive. It’s close to this:

The walls (what little will show) will be pale green. And then cabinet knobs will be lilac cut glass. Sounds REALLY eclectic, I know, but I really do think it will work, and most importantly, it will be functional, despite the ridiculously small size of the kitchen.

For now, we are going to be setting up the grill that we recently were gifted by friends who moved out of state and living off grilled things (which can be difficult as vegetarians, but will hopefully work.)  Fun!


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Late night blackberry photo of the in progress bedroom painting:

I am a master of cutting in edges now, and successfully freehanded most of those edges between planes.   I have a really sore index finger as a result — beyond annoying.  Nadja rocked the roller (which I hate) and we got one coat on the whole room. Hopefully the second will go on quickly Friday morning.

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Because I feel like every home improvement blog at some point features a photo of  the homeowner, covered in paint and wearing a college t-shirt, most often drinking a beer, I am going to get this out of the way now.

Closets are primed, hence the destruction of that hat, which I actually kind of liked, dorky pocket notwithstanding.
Ignore the fact that those glasses make me look like David Letterman. I broke my good ones, and these are from three prescriptions ago until I can get new ones.  I may or may not have scratched my cornea while putting on mascara last week, so glasses are making me happy as of late.

Tomorrow will be bedroom painting, part II, and hopefully part the last. Whew.

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The closet project went on a bit of a pause for some time. We had a friend come by to finish up the drywall job since my lungs turn to glue when I’m around dust.  That meant we’ve been focusing on other parts of the house when we’ve had a chance to get over there to work.

But now that the move-in date is imminent (five more DAYS!) it’s high time to get the bedroom in order. Everyone has given us the advice that we need at least one room that we can go to at the end of the day and not have full of 2x4s and sawdust, so I’m heeding that advice, and we’re making some headway.

We’d purchased the mattresses a month or so ago. After having the best night of sleep of my life in a hotel in Philadelphia last November, I became absolutely enamoured of the pillowtop. So those have been stacked up on end the spare bedroom for a few weeks now. We had to get a split box spring, rather than try to remove the banister to get it upstairs.

It took us ages to figure out what sort of bed we wanted though.  It seemed that everything in a catalog, showroom, etc was showed with a slimline mattress or even a futon mattress. And then I’d picture it with our giant super-fluffy mattress set and realize the gorgeous headboards we were looking at would just barely peak up over the mattress. So once the pillows go on the bed — invisible headboard.  This would not do.

So then, when perusing the site of our local consignment shop, I saw these:

Vaguely Mission-style, which I seem to be going for. Appropriately light for the colors we’ve chosen for the room. And there is a tray to pull out for breakfast in bed (ha!)

And of course, when I got to the shop to check out the stands, what was set up with them? Why, this:

It was a little expensive.  My mom thought so, even I thought so. But after half an hour of hemming and hawing, we finally realized it was no more expensive than the 20 or so other beds we’d looked at and not liked half as much.  So it didn’t seem likely that we were going to find anything we liked better, or anything cheaper.

And so, we ended up buying someone else’s bedroom. Because the cashier confirmed these were both consigned by the same person. Who apparently shares my taste.

Not sure what we’ll be doing in the dresser department yet.  For now, we’ll be moving in my old, decrepit ikea set, until we can decide on something better.

I did find really awesome curtains on sale at Anthropologie.  For some reason, though I have a pretty big fear of birds, I am choosing all kinds of decor items with birds:

The walls will be two different colors, in an effort to highlight the shelves and such around the closet doors:

Now I’m off to go order kitchen cabinets, and pick up a second gallon of that blue!

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Is this not awesome?

The walls of Nadja’s office.

Yep, that’s paint, not wallpaper. Nope, I’m not showing you a photo of what the messed up top edge looks like. Two walls to go in there.

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