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Evil Evil Tree.

tree cut

There is a catalpa tree next to our house. Technically, it belongs to the (absentee landlord) owner of the neighboring property.

The catalpa “fruit”(?) is an utterly evil thing.  They look like long green beans (as long as my forearm) and they dry out when they fall to the ground, turning into horrid, sharp dangery things. Things which like to stick in our push mower and stop it dead.

Turns out the tree itself is also evil, as it has been EATING OUR HOUSE.

We noticed a suspicious wet spot on the ceiling of the back bedroom this week, and figured it had something to do with the fact that the tree is now touching our house. So we called someone to come trim back the tree, out of our airspace.

When they got up on the ladder, the damage was way worse than we’d thought. I actually watched this man stick his arm, up to the elbow, into the roof over the bay window.  Then he came down the ladder and showed me photos of the roof (he offered to let me up there, but I’ve been having bad luck with injuries and mechanical things in the past 2 days, so no thanks, 30 foot ladder!)

It’s bad. Really really bad.   The estimate is yet to come, but I’m feeling really guilty about the vacation coming up in two weeks.

At least we know why the south wall of the basement is so wet now.

Deep breaths are increasingly necessary.


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The extent of my home improvement in the last week or so has been successfully obtaining a stack of cinderblocks, stacking them up in an odd configuration (see mom, all that Tetris did pay off!) and getting them up on their perch.

Have I installed the diverter yet to fill them? Um, no.

Also, I have clearly not weeded the yard.

Baby steps folks, baby steps.

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