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The state of the house

If I’d have been thinking, I’d have started this blog when we first decided to start looking for a house. But alas, we didn’t even think that long about the idea of buying a house, let alone blogging it.

So far, this is how it’s gone:

Late September: Meet with realtor I knew via friends, talk about what we want. Decide to take one whirlwind looking day just in case we can find something we like before end of year and take advantage of tax credit. Otherwise vow to take our time and move in Spring 2010.

One Saturday in October: Look at 9 houses in one day, ranging from crazy ass fixer upper Victorian, to a condo so regimented it’s almost a retirement home.  Fall in utter love with one house that had only been on the market for 2 days.  It has built-in bookcases, bay windows and a finished attic.

The following Tuesday: put offer on house.

The next month is spent in a whirlwind of inspections, finding out about a potential sewer line problem, getting a counter-offer, taking that, driving and biking by the house at all hours of the day and night to check out the neighborhood, and generally, waiting.

December 15: Sign our lives away until the fictitious-sounding date of February 2040 at the closing.

Now, I am having a bit of a creative explosion, as I finally get to live somewhere without white walls and we are painting every room and creating a list of major projects to include:

  • turning the finished attic into my knitting/craft studio
  • deciding whether or not to remove the wall we’ve determined is not original to expand the kitchen, or what to do in the kitchen — it needs something
  • potentially installing a shower in the downstairs half-bath, which might be the world’s largest half bath
  • rehabbing the closets in the master bedroom so that both of them are deep enough to hold a hanger in the proper direction
  • landscaping, including potentially removing the world’s wonkiest fence (Nadja’s passenger side car mirror has already fallen prey to it)
  • fulfilling my dream of networking the entire house and installing speakers in every room (this necessitates the need for an “A/V closet” which makes me incredibly excited)
  • a myriad of substantially less-sexy updates, such as windows, jacking up the front porch, and getting a new storm door.

So, this blog will be a way to follow along in the progress, and hopefully will give us some long term records of what we’ve done in the house.

Follow our exploits! We have no idea what we’re doing, so this should be fun!


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