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I’m choosing, intentionally, to not think about the mass amounts of money which are about to flood out of my bank account and into that of the roofer. But the new roof is about to commence. We’ll get to that later. We did chose a lighter color, just based on energy savings, and also based on the fact that when it does come time to paint the place, I doubt we’ll keep the pukey beigey green. So it may look way weird for a few years. But like I said, not talking about the roof.

Instead, I’ll talk about the other massive financial outlay as of late. This one is more exciting. I finally, FINALLY, went to Lowe’s to order the ceiling tiles last night. I had a 10% off coupon, and yesterday was the last day. So I sucked it up and drove over. And ordered 25 panels of this for the kitchen ceiling:


Gorgeous! But you’ve gotta know it’s a bad sign when the special order dude types the code into the computer and then looks at you and says “You realize these are really expensive, right?” Uh, yeah dude. I know. Don’t make me second guess this. (Or fourteen guess it, more likely.)

While we were on the much needed vacation, the magical renovation fairies (ie mom and dad) came over and hung drywall and cabinets. So our kitchen looks more kitchen-y now, and less like a weird room that happens to have a stove and fridge in it. The room actually looks more spacious with the cabinets installed, which is weird.

And yesterday we made contact with the countertop folks, so we may actually make good on my promise of “we will have a kitchen sink before inviting anyone over to this place.” Whew.


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Argh. The bane of my existence at present.

I was saying for a while that we could have people over once the kitchen was finished.

Now I’ve amended that thought and have started saying that we can have people over once the cabinets are in. I don’t even care about a sink (which was the original touchstone) or countertops. Just cabinets in the kitchen, instead of in cardboard boxes throughout the living and dining rooms like they are right now.

There’s a lot of stuff that’s gone on.  Mostly, it’s stuff that’s hard to photograph. Like plumbing and electric.

There was stuff that as we started to do it, we figured out that it would be easier – in the long run – to do an extra step or two. (Delay.)

So when we took the walls off in the kitchen, it became clear that if we really were putting a shower in the downstairs bath (eventually) it made more sense to go ahead and put in the plumbing for it now. (Delay.)

And there was the hooking up of the washer and dryer in the basement, which necessitated a bit of plumbing work. (Delay.)

And the discovery that the water pipes in the basement were pretty much braided together, and then the extended guesswork that resulted in trying to lay them out in a more rational manner, and that led to us living with a toilet with a hot water supply for the next two weeks. (It was weird. Also, delay.)

And then there was this:

That tree fell from our neighbor’s yard one night and took the power lines for three houses, both sides of our fence and our opposite neighbor’s fence, and all the cable and telephone wires. The power lines are back up, but we’re having fits trying to get the cable and phone companies to bring up the others, so they are still in our backyard.  AT&T doesn’t seem to get that even though we only have DSL yes indeed it is their line that’s in our yard. Grrrr…. So, delays.

And then, the sewer line problem we’d had disclosed by the previous seller happened again, necessitating a quickie emergency call to the plumber to clean the roots out of the line. Luckily, that did not cost the multiple thousands the prior owner suggested, and instead was merely a few hundred. Still, delays.

At this point, we are slogging through and overcoming the delays, and beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ve gone from my first half-assed demolition attempt:

To real destruction:

To that which is best left to professionals (like my dad!) and Nadja:

To drywall and a hole in the wall (the doorway to the eventual pantry):

and the eventually smaller bathroom:

To where we are now, with roughed in plumbing and electric. That–of course–I forgot to take a photo of. But also, 2x4s screwed into the ceiling, which – let me tell you – is exactly last thing you want to be doing in Ohio when the weather is in the high 90s and 800,000% humidity.

Mom helped:

Next steps: we’ll get the electric boxes and switches installed, and then it’s time to hang the cabinets.  When dad found out the sink weighs 250 pounds, that’s when I found out I need to get the countertop folks to install that also (hey, at least I got it into the trunk of my civic by myself!) Then, people can come over, and I will no longer fret about how on earth we’ll get the glasses and plates clean. And also, I’ll get to use the dishwasher that’s been sitting –brand spanking new — in the bay window for three months now.

And I’ll be able to make a salad in my own house, which right now sounds like paradise.

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Plans for the Kitchen

The (lack of) wisdom of moving into a house with a completely gutted kitchen is not lost on me. I know it’s nuts. But given timing with our upcoming roller derby schedule, there’s no way we can wait until closer to the date our lease is up to move. And given the problems we’ve had with the management of the apartment complex, we’re not even going to entertain the idea of trying to extend the lease. I’m trying to make myself feel better by rationalizing that if we’re living in the house, we’ll have an opportunity to work on small things throughout the week, something which has been rather difficult with two residences, disparate work schedules, and derby practices.

We’ve got quite a bit of planning done, even if this is the state of the kitchen right now:

Habitat for Humanity is coming tomorrow to pick up the cabinets and such that we ripped out. And we have most of what is going to happen planned out already.

Where the stove used to sit will be a door into a pantry, which will be built into the space which is currently the washer/dryer area in the World’s Largest Half Bathroom.  That means there won’t be that many cupboards since they are focused in the remaining corner. I’m going tomorrow to order them with this door:

Hard to see, but a nice cherry color, with a glass door above this kitchen sink:

Trendy, but traditional.

The octagon-and-dot floor tiles, we already have, and they are neatly stacked in our basement, despite the fact that it’s going to be a while before that project gets tackled:

And then there’s the ceiling, which we’ve gone back and forth on several times due to cost. But we’ve found something I think will work, and we’ll have the look of faux-tin (or really, faux-copper) and hopefully it won’t be too-too expensive. It’s close to this:

The walls (what little will show) will be pale green. And then cabinet knobs will be lilac cut glass. Sounds REALLY eclectic, I know, but I really do think it will work, and most importantly, it will be functional, despite the ridiculously small size of the kitchen.

For now, we are going to be setting up the grill that we recently were gifted by friends who moved out of state and living off grilled things (which can be difficult as vegetarians, but will hopefully work.)  Fun!

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Last Saturday before my dad left, we started ruminating on what I could do with the kitchen. After he went home, I decided it was high time to take those acoustic tiles out.

Ooops. I guess maybe there was another reason besides paneling height to drop that ceiling. We knew that there was water damage before the roof was replaced, and that in most places, the prior owners did the structural repairs but didn’t worry about the cosmetic.

Guess I found the best example of that theory of maintenance when I took the panels out.

I am please to report, that by morning, having posted this photo on facebook, I already had several suggestions for what to do, so that by the time mom and dad came in on Sunday, and we took a little trip to Lowe’s, I already had a good idea that my dreams of (faux) tin were not unachievable. So now we’ve got it all picked out.

This kitchen will not be stellar in the way the airy and open and granite islanded new builds are. But, it’s going to be pretty kickass with what we’ve picked out so far. Mostly vintage motifs (though some a bit anachronistic for the house) with light colors, simple cabinets and a new pantry cut out of that ridiculously large bathroom.

And no more acoustic tiles. And no more hole in the ceiling.

The next two weeks are going to be a spending flurry as we start ordering all the materials for the kitchen. This is scary. But fun.

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