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We’re in!

It’s been a full two weeks in the house now. I wouldn’t exactly call us settled, but 95% of the stuff is now in, and this evening the remaining 5% will be well on its way.

But even if not settled, we are living there. We took advice on setting up bedrooms first, and I think I slept better the first night than I have in roughly 5 years.  The new double-pillow top mattress had something to do with that, but also, we realize now something in our old apartment might have been making me sick, because virtually all my asthma symptoms are gone since moving.  Craziness.

No majorly visible progress has been made recently. We did have some masonry work done in the basement and glass-block windows installed on the day we moved in, and my dad installed new kitchen windows and shored up a floor joist under the kitchen floor.

In the kitchen, the cabinets have been ordered but we’ve got a lot of prep work to do.  We’re somewhat using that room right now, so it’s kind of hard to both use it, and clean off all the crud off the walls and ceiling without grossness happening.

This weekend will likely be devoted to the outside though. I bought enough seeds at the home and garden show to start up a small farm, and that’s what we’re planning on, in an effort to avoid yard-mowing and such.  So more exciting posts are on their way.


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