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I’m choosing, intentionally, to not think about the mass amounts of money which are about to flood out of my bank account and into that of the roofer. But the new roof is about to commence. We’ll get to that later. We did chose a lighter color, just based on energy savings, and also based on the fact that when it does come time to paint the place, I doubt we’ll keep the pukey beigey green. So it may look way weird for a few years. But like I said, not talking about the roof.

Instead, I’ll talk about the other massive financial outlay as of late. This one is more exciting. I finally, FINALLY, went to Lowe’s to order the ceiling tiles last night. I had a 10% off coupon, and yesterday was the last day. So I sucked it up and drove over. And ordered 25 panels of this for the kitchen ceiling:


Gorgeous! But you’ve gotta know it’s a bad sign when the special order dude types the code into the computer and then looks at you and says “You realize these are really expensive, right?” Uh, yeah dude. I know. Don’t make me second guess this. (Or fourteen guess it, more likely.)

While we were on the much needed vacation, the magical renovation fairies (ie mom and dad) came over and hung drywall and cabinets. So our kitchen looks more kitchen-y now, and less like a weird room that happens to have a stove and fridge in it. The room actually looks more spacious with the cabinets installed, which is weird.

And yesterday we made contact with the countertop folks, so we may actually make good on my promise of “we will have a kitchen sink before inviting anyone over to this place.” Whew.


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