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The attic becomes my yarn studio

Several people looked at me funny when I mentioned the first room we worked on painting was the attic.

But, it was the only color I was able to definitely decide in short order, and it’s really only in need of a coat of paint, and then it’s pretty much just furniture from there.

(OK, so my big project spreadsheet also mentions a handrail to “keep people from falling down the hole,” but we’re not looking at that right now, are we?)

So far, the ceiling is also half-painted and waiting for a sunnier day to finish up.  So for now, just before and after.


and after:

Other things I know that will be going in here to make it the workspace I want it to be:

  • a dressform
  • a couple of ikea shelving units with the cube dividers
  • this desk/worktable:

An ikea trip will hopefully be happening soon. And once I have the ceiling painted and the furniture in, I can commence the task of moving the yarn and accoutrements from our apartment to the house. No small task.


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